Accident!? What to do if your Car Shed Rideshare Rentals car or any Uber and OLAcabs rental vehicle is involved in an accident?

First, is keep yourself and your rideshare passenger safe. Safety starts with YOU being calm and observant. Initially the safest place is inside the car until you are sure that there are no traffic or other dangers outside the car. For example, powerlines down are a potential hazard to be checked before you or your rideshare passenger exit the vehicle.

Second, is once outside the Rideshare vehicle to check the safety of other people involved in the accident.

Third, call for assistance from specialists to deal with the accident scene. This could be police, ambulance, preferred tow truck operator or fire & rescue service.

Lastly, obtain the details of the other driver. Perhaps the easiest way to do this is to take a picture of the other party’s driver’s license and a picture of their vehicle registration plate.

Each Car Shed Rideshare hire vehicle has a Glove Box Claim Guide with a checklist of what to do after you have secured the safety of those involved in the accident.

If you need further assistance,

then call Mohib at the Car Shed Rideshare Rentals on 0413-133218.

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